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Wilson Law Group began with one objective: to practice immigration law with clarity and creativity. This goal inspired the founding of our firm in 2003, and it remains our purpose today. Our immigration law attorneys and legal staff offer professional, efficient, trustworthy and empathic representation for clients navigating all types of immigration challenges. Based out of Minneapolis, we serve clients nationwide.

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Innovative Solutions For Immigration Challenges

At our firm, we have learned that a square hole does not always have to be filled with a square peg. Every client deserves a nimble and inventive advocate. Every situation requires a thorough assessment and a creative, intelligent approach that contemplates all options. Navigating the intersection between international, federal and state law intrepidly requires the innovative ambition that our firm offers. Our firm consults clients on all aspects of immigration law, including:

  • Temporary and Permanent employment-based solutions for executives, specialty occupations, investors, transfers, and seasonal workers
  • Family visas and immigration petitions, including spouses, children, parents, and siblings
  • Fiancé applications, including those for same-sex couples
  • Deportation defense and appellate litigation
  • Applications for waivers
  • Federal litigation and appeals
  • Consular processing immigrant visas
  • Applications for waivers
  • Citizenship
  • Humanitarian protections, including asylum
  • Victim benefits, including the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) protections, Trafficking Victims, and Crime Victims
  • DACA, Temporary Protected Status, and military immigration programs

In immigration law, the government does not change as fast as our culture does. We are not afraid to challenge power. We do not shy away from litigation because we believe that litigation is the way to change the law and challenge the status quo. We also keep our focus on helping our clients take advantage of what the government can do FOR them, while at the same time protecting our clients from what the government does TO them.

We Prioritize Client Communication

Immigration law can be confusing and anything but clear. Our legal team ensures clarity in all aspects of our client relationships. Our attorneys take the time to explain strategies without jargon or pretense. We want to make sure you understand the work that we are doing for you.

Our client relationships are the firm’s priority. We build lasting relationships by keeping clients informed, providing candid legal advice, and pursuing client objectives with undeniable resolve. The focus of all that we do is the client.

Our legal staff is multilingual. We offer legal services in French, Spanish, Mandarin, Swedish and Vietnamese.

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