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Suspicion And Reason To Believe There Was Involvement With Drug Trafficking

There are a lot of reasons a foreign national may be ineligible for entry into the United States. Our experienced immigration attorneys at the Wilson Law Group in Minneapolis help clients throughout the country who have been declared inadmissible for entry into the country, by helping them apply for waivers.

Can You Still Be Inadmissible Even If Drug Charges Were Never Filed?

A conviction for criminal charges is not necessary to be inadmissible under this ground. Rather, you can be found inadmissible if the immigration official knows or has reason to believe that you are or have been an illicit trafficker in any controlled substance or have been a knowing aider, abettor, assister, conspirator or colluder with others in drug trafficking, or you are the spouse, son or daughter of someone inadmissible under this ground and obtained financial or other benefit from the illicit activity.

Is There An Applicable Waiver?

There is no waiver for inadmissibility based on the grounds that you were suspected of being involved with drug trafficking.

This provision, like other grounds of inadmissibility, is extremely complex and requires the knowledge and experience of an innovative immigration attorney to assist you with this type of situation.

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