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Using Waivers To Overcome Inadmissibility And Ineligibility

Immigration laws and regulations can sometimes feel like an obstructive bureaucracy. The Wilson Law Group was established in 2003 and maintains the principles on which it was founded: to provide clarity and creativity to this bureaucracy. When it comes to immigration laws, waivers are complicated and sometimes the nuances are difficult to understand. However, deciphering their use and application can be a key to overcoming the labyrinth of Byzantine immigration regulations.

Reasons For Inadmissibility To The United States

According to immigration laws and regulations, there are several reasons an applicant may be inadmissible to the United States. These include:

Once you are considered inadmissible for entry into the United States, you will be banned from re-entering the country.

What Is A Waiver?

A waiver of inadmissibility or ineligibility is an application asking the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to overlook a reason for inadmissibility and instead grant you a visa, a green card (permanent residency status) or other immigration benefits and privileges. A successful petition for a waiver will, in essence, forgive or overlook the grounds for your inadmissibility.

At Wilson Law Group, our immigration attorneys understand the intricate nuances of utilizing waivers to overcome inadmissibility status. If you are inadmissible for entry into the United States or ineligible for immigration, we can assess your case and determine if a waiver might be possible for your circumstances.

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