Individualized, Innovative

Dania Castro Garcia



Dania Castro Garcia is a legal assistant at Wilson Law Group. Originally from Cuba, she lived there for 23 years before relocating to Mexico City. In addition to earning her law degree from the Universidad Mexicana, she became a naturalized Mexican citizen.

Following her university studies, Dania practiced as a labor lawyer at a firm specializing in this area. During this time, she gained valuable expertise in labor law and also gained some exposure to bureaucratic law.

Dania now resides in Minneapolis, where she intends to further her career in the legal field and enhance her proficiency in a second language.

Having experienced the complexities of the migration process firsthand, Dania offers a unique perspective on client treatment, combining her personal experiences as a migrant with her passion for the law.

In her leisure time, Dania enjoys walking her dog, biking, watching movies, painting with watercolors, and reading.