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Melissa Becerra



Melissa Becerra is a Legal Secretary with Wilson Law Group. Melissa has over 10 years of customer and client experience.

Melissa is originally from Texas and graduated from Florida in 2000. She arrived in Minnesota in 1996 and it has been her home since. She has four wonderful children.

Melissa’s goals and aspirations are simple: be content, be kind, and never take life too seriously. The most significant milestone in her life was when she worked as a workforce coach. As she became comfortable speaking with individuals of different backgrounds it enabled her to also become a proactive listener. This experience allowed her to open up and grow to which then led to opening doors to working with more people in the local community.

Melissa has been a photographer and model and is currently is an entertainment singer at local Mexican restaurants. She used to be terrified of public speaking, let alone singing! She truly believes that if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. She is currently taking an online course that includes physical, nutritional and emotional development. She looks forward to working with Wilson Law Group clients as they make steps to attain their immigration dreams.


  • English
  • Spanish