Individualized, Innovative

Elizabeth Carey



Elizabeth Carey is a legal assistant with Wilson Law Group. Elizabeth’s introduction to the world of immigration came in the form of a high school class on liberation theology. While not religious herself, Elizabeth felt drawn to the idea that the most oppressed among us should be at the heart of all we do in society. Over the years, she has developed a strong commitment to supporting immigrants and believes that migration is a human right.

Elizabeth holds a B.A. in Hispanic Studies from Macalester College as well as an M.Ed. and two K-12 teaching licenses from the University of Minnesota. Before joining WLG, she taught English learners at the middle and high school levels. She also worked for a time as a special education assistant. The work she found most fulfilling, however, was volunteering with migrants’ rights organizations in the Nogales, Arizona/Sonora area.

Elizabeth is a native English speaker and speaks Spanish, Catalan, French, and a tiny bit of Somali as well. In her free time, she likes to crochet, bike, study linguistics, and hang out with her family and cats.